Pg.69 Lucky Peach Issue #1

This turned out so yummy my neighbor Sharon came over the next day to ask me how I made it so she could eat it again. I swear. It’s simple, it took something like 10 minutes to make. However, it did take much longer to clean the saucepan I cooked it in, so I suggest getting that thing soaking in hot water and soap as soon as you dump the goodness out.

So, the idea was to make a pasta like that spaghetti you may have had that gets all swished around in a wheel of cheese. This place in my neighborhood called Vinoteca actually does that really good if you need to have that experience. But this dish is pretty amazing because it totally takes advantage of the instant ramen and rehydrates it with all kinds of cheesey sauce. Easy to make and very tasty. I’m not going to give you all the ingredients and tell you how to make it, though. This is more about my experience, so get the darn issue and make it yoself! I will provide you with photos, though, because I’m a tease.

the ingredients

just getting started

stirring in the cheese – keep stirring the whole time!

Add the instant ramen, but not the sauce packet! Keep stirring!

Really, it gets sticky quick. So, again, KEEP STIRRING.

The ground pepper is the scene stealer (Hollywood phrase)!

This is my neighbor Sharon who will most likely taste every dish I make from Lucky Peach. She ordered me to do this blog instead of just posting shots to my twitter every once in awhile. She’s very nice and quite the cook herself, so I trust her judgement. She loved this dish and I did too.

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