Issue 8: Summer 2013


Apologies, people! I have been very absent the last month or so because I became involved in summer gardening and have been teaching myself how to preserve the food I grow. Yeah, I just wrote that. Seriously, I’ve fermented dill pickles and made prickly pear marmalade, frog (fig, raspberry, orange juice, ginger) jam, tomato preserves, and guava jelly. So, that’s my reason for neglecting my Lucky Peach cooking experiments – what’s yours? Really – have you cooked anything from the journals? Drop me a line here and share what it was like for you.

And so, the gender issue is RAD. It has a different cover on each side, and is printed so that one half of the mag is the female and the other the male.female.LP


There’s recipes for gender specific dishes like rooster testicles all the way to fried squash blossoms. Plus, chef Vinny Dotolo of Animal and Son of a Gun restaurant fame, shares his breast recipes, I mean dairy recipes.  Stay tuned, I plan to conquer Peter Meehan’s Mom’s meatloaf recipe next week.20130912_135045

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