Shame on me. It’s been a spell since my last post and I can explain! I worked on two book projects (rent don’t pay for itself!) and I had to move over the summer, which was an ordeal and has created a geographic between me and my neighbors Sharon, Stu, and Ollie who are obviously my token Lucky Peach recipe tasters. Don’t fret, I’ll arrange cameo appearances at the new pad and we’ll all get through this together. Also, I know there is a media issue going on and some photos are not appearing, I’m getting that fixed proper asap!

But here we are, on THE FANTASY ISSUE, Issue #16. It’s a gorgeous magazine, as usual, and highlights include the short story “Will Whore for Food,” in which writer Scott Hocker shares how he prostituted to pay for his culinary education, the Lucky Peach Atlas, a quick discussion on recommended Italian fantasy meals in Mlian and Chicago, and of course, rad recipes for dishes like Aloo Bhaji Hash Browns and three variations on fish stew by Nick Balla & Cortney Burn, Eric Ripert, and David Chang. I promise I will post a recipe demo blog very soon. I fucking PROMISE! Happy Labor Day!

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