It’s Lucky Peach, Winter, 2015. Which registers here finally, because it’s 65 degrees in Los Angeles. That’s our winter, folks. Don’t be jealous. Please don’t move here either, we’re maxed out.

This is Lucky Peach No.17 and it’s The Breakfast Issue. I also got new glasses for writing, my first prescription ever. But I can still read street signs a mile away, so take that, old age!


I’m already all over p.80’s “Pimp My Rice,” by EIC, Chris Ying. He goes way into shi fan which is essentially rice porridge with an assortment of crazy toppings – pickles, greens, pork floss, etc.  The Albany Cafeteria Breakfast on p.18 looks hilarious and full of cancer since the WHO announcement about processed red meat, but people still smoke, right? It’s a fried bologna mashed potato egg cup. Yep, America, what’s for breakfast!

I know I’m a broken record, but see you soon with a recipe here. I’ve been dying to make the conpoy fried rice from the Fantasy issue but found large dried Japanese scallops run like $60 for 0.5lb so it will probably be something else…perhaps breakfast.

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