My name is Trina Calderón.

When Lucky Peach Issue #1 came out, I fell in love. The art and articles are super cool, plus the recipes are darn creative. I’m a huge fanatic of Dave Chang’s Momofuku noodle spot in the NYC, but I live in L.A. so it’s not so easy for me to commute for my cravings. Lucky Peach totally hits the spot and I decided I wanted to try to make everything they offer up, so this is my blog documenting that experience (my neighbor Sharon made me do it). I will share in detail about what happened while I went to task to make the dish.  I promise to try and provide as many fun visuals as I can and make the blog as entertaining as sitting alone in front of a computer screen can be (porn excluded, of course).

What is Lucky Peach? Silly you, Lucky Peach is an awesome food journal! Go HERE for more info.

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