Pg. 78 – Lucky Peach Issue #1

I hate to waste food. The most awesome thing about cooking with all this instant ramen is that if you hang on to the season packets that come in the package, Lucky Peach gives you a great recipe to put them to use. It’s simple: sour cream + season packet = delicious dip. It doesn’t matter what flavor the packet is – shrimp, chicken, beef, some mysterious Japanese stuff – it’s all good. I actually used two packets to one tub (12 oz) of sour cream, because I wanted to really saturate the flavors.

The recipe calls for one bag of the BEST POTATO CHIPS IN THE WORLD. Everyone has their favorite, so stick to what you love – a good chip is damn important. Mark Ibold contributed this recipe and wrote about his favorote potato chips in the world – Kay & Ray’s Regular Potato Chips. You can get them online from Martin’s Famous Pastry Shop or if you’re lucky, in your local neighborhood store. We went for straight up classic Lays. In my opinion, the saltier the better for this dip.

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